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Welcome to the official website of the Maritime Law Association of Singapore (MLAS). I hope we can make full use of this website to keep our members informed of the activities of the MLAS, as well as to let the maritime and trade industries know what is happening on key legal issues.

The MLAS is the national member organisation of the Comite Maritime International (CMI), a non-governmental international organisation devoted to the object of the unification of maritime law. The MLAS is the only organization in Singapore recognised by CMI as entitled to attend and vote in CMI conferences. At these conferences, discussions take place amongst delegates from around the world with the object of arriving at conclusions on issues of maritime law of the day for transmission to governments or international organisations such as the United Nations and the International Maritime Organisation. As a result, the CMI plays an active role in the initiation, promotion and review of international maritime conventions and model laws. Singapore, situated in the prime geographical location and shipping routes, and with our ambition to become a top International Maritime Centre, the MLAS hopes to play our part in providing thought leadership on key legal issues, regionally as well as internationally. I hope to build on the close ties we already have with our fellow MLAs so as to provide a forum for us to better discuss and consider these key legal issues.

Lastly, the MLAS wants to provide members with events and activities to build more cohesive links with the other stakeholders of the maritime and trade communities in Singapore.  Please do give us your full support on our efforts to strengthen MLAS’ presence. Thank you.

Leong Kah Wah
President of MLAS

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